Con Crazy!

May 8th, 2017 blastfromthepast

Convention season has been in full swing for about a month now, with WonderCon and Star Wars Celebration already in the rear view mirror, and Blast From The Past has represented at Monsterpalooza and will be making our way to WhedonCon on May 19th. But we all know these are ways of passing time until the grand daddy of them all. San Diego Comic Con International. Being Los Angeles locals, we usually wait for the action to come to us. But Comic Con is the only siren song that actually gets us off our duff to plan it like a military operation. Transpo. Housing. Packing. Rations. And that’s all before you even plan your strategy of how to tackle the convention itself. The panels, the merchandise, the appearances. It’s not for the faint of heart and we like to think our Comic Con Ninja only grows stronger as the years go by and we learn the tips and tricks not only for survival, but to make those Comic Con miracles happen. San Diego, year after year has proven to be worth the trouble. And we love all the practice we can get in the mean time!

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