Comic Book Movies Are Getting Pretty Strange…

The coming of Doctor Strange is Marvel Studios’ latest movie to change the definition of the super hero genre and set new precedent for everything that will come after it. It also is a triumphant in the way it uses IMAX 3D to change the audience’s perception of space and time. It’s as close to […]

Halloween Cosplay 2016

The life of a geek has many opportunities to make strange and elaborate costumes based off of our favorite characters, properties or even some sort of imaginative mash up of multiple things. Or maybe even an original idea entirely. We have so many cons now that happen all year long and so many midnight screenings […]

Lord Of The Rings fever is dormant in our blood and has AWAKENED.

This past weekend, we had a chance to watch all three LORD OF THE RINGS extended editions in a theater, back to back to back, at the historic Aero Theater in Santa Monica, CA. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen them and this blogger has never partaken in the extended editions of the films before. […]

STRANGER THINGS rewards Geek Culture

Nostalgia has reached a fever pitch in our current geek climate. Fans often have to raise an eyebrow in suspicion at the latest attempt the entertainment industry makes at making us feel 12 again. A lot of the time, even the masters of yesteryear have a hard time reclaiming the glory and the magic they once instilled in […]

Comic Con 2016 recap – Our Saturday in Hall H

Well, the chutes are empty, the halls are bare and another Comic Con has come and gone. We at Blast From The Past had ourselves a banner year getting to see many of the great Hall H panels and getting many of the exclusive surprise goodies as well. After much waiting in line, our Saturday […]

Avengers, Dissemble!

If you haven’t seen Captain America 3: Civil War yet, cancel your dinner plans. When the Russo brothers took up the reins for the latest Marvel masterpiece, they had some big shoes to fill. Age of Ultron was the Avengers 2 we got, but Civil War was the Avengers 2 we deserved. The ensemble cast […]

We See You Shiver With Anticipation

Monsterpalooza is just around the corner and we’re excited as ever about it.   Horror fans don’t wait ’til it’s October to revel in gory goodness or keep the vibe tense and creepy. We want opportunities all year ’round to be able to keep it weird.   Horror is a genre we’ve always respected and […]

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Debate

It feels like they’ve been threatening to release BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE on us forever, and ready or not, it’s finally here.  Fans of Marvel and DC have been more divided than ever over this first-time cinematic showdown between two of the biggest icons of comic book history.  Marvel fans have been enjoying […]

It’s Alive!

Happy birthday to two of the most influential monsters of all time! 198 years ago, Mary Shelley published the novel that spawned both Victor Frankenstein and his infamous creature.   The subject of many a nerdy debate, is “Frankenstein” the name of the monster or the name of the man? And if it’s really the […]

Deadpool, Hold The Avocado

Is there any hero — I’m sorry, guy in a funny suit — making more waves now than Deadpool?  With the power to smash the fourth wall, his movie held us tight and whispered sweet nothings in our ears during Valentine’s weekend and shows no sign of stopping.  It’s even been called the highest-grossing X-Men film […]